If you’re looking for a low-maintenance style that’s cute and chic, look no further than the pixie cut. This haircut is perfect for women with thin hair who are looking to add some volume. Try getting layers instead of blunt cuts on the sides if you want to get this new hairstyle without feeling like your hair has been chopped off.

The best thing about the pixie cut is that it can be styled in so many different ways: straightened, curly or wavy. The possibilities are endless.

Are pixie haircuts in style now?

Pixie cuts are in style for a reason. They’re cute, easy to maintain, and perfect for the gal on the go. We’ve rounded up our favorite pixie hairstyles from around the web that will have you running to your stylist before it’s too late.

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Low maintenance pixie cuts

The pixie haircut is a hairstyle that has been around for decades, but it seems like its popularity has come back in style. The cut can be flattering on any face shape and create an edgy, sophisticated look for women. It’s important to know how to maintain the style, though, because the cut will grow out quickly if not tended to properly.

The most common maintenance tips are:

  • wash hair at least once every other day with shampoo;
  • use conditioner after each time you wash your hair;
  • brush your hair at least twice a day (morning and night); try not to sleep on wet or dirty hair;
  • take care of split ends by trimming them every two weeks or so with scissors or clippers.

Different types of pixie cuts

The pixie cut has been around for a while, but it is still one of the most popular hairstyles among women today. The cut can be long or short, layered or blunt, with bangs and without. There are many different types of pixie cuts you could choose from depending on your style preferences and hair type.

Before you decide to get a pixie cut, it is important to think about what type of pixie cut will suit your face shape. Before making this decision, the first thing you need to do is determine whether your hair can grow back quickly. If the answer is yes, then there are many types of pixie cuts that will work for you, and if the answer is no, then there are few options for you. However, with some research and time spent thinking about yourself, anyone can determine which one would be best.

Women have many options when it comes to hairstyles, but many are afraid to experiment with short hair. A pixie cut can be styled in so many different ways and still looks feminine. It’s also easy for curly or wavy hair to style because the cuts don’t require much blow-drying time.